GameQ v3

A PHP library for querying game and voice servers

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This method assumes you already have composer installed and working properly. Add austinb/gameq as a requirement to composer.json by using composer require austinb/gameq:3.*@stable or by manually adding the following to the composer.json file in the require section:

"austinb/gameq": "3.*@stable"

Update your packages with composer update or install with composer install.

Standalone Library

Download the latest version of the library and unpack it into your project. Add the following to your bootstrap file:


The Autoloader.php file provides the same auto loading functionality as the Composer install.


$GameQ = new \GameQ\GameQ();
    'type' => 'css',
    'host' => '',
$results = $GameQ->process();

Need more? See visit the GameQ Wiki.